HealthCare in Film Production

You get a call time on your call sheet of 5AM. At that moment, you know it’s going to be a long day because it also says that there are evening shots to be done. It is not a regular 10-12HR day. It’s going to be a 16hr day and possibly longer. And depending on who you are on set, you are scrounging for that $150/12hrs or $300/12hrs because in this industry, it’s practically 100% freelance work. You just don’t have the money to drive to a physician that you need, or the copay or any other tests that you probably do not need to waste your money on. You are thinking to yourself, “but I have this massive headache that just won’t go away even with over-the-counter drugs for migraines and I really need to see a doctor for a prescription medication.”
You are in the Grip and Electric department and it is a back-bending job. You try and talk with craft services, catering for any medication that they have available for that condition you are experiencing. So not only does your head hurt but your back hurts just as much and items such as Advil or Tylenol is not working for you.
But you are on set past 5 or 6PM and those are the hours that doctors usually leave their office and close for the day. You need a prescription medication. Well, I’ve been through all of this and I have seen improvement in healthcare since leaving the industry.
TeleHealth and TeleMedicine have changed the face of healthcare for those in the industry. It is the implementation of an online doctor using iPhones, iPads, Androids, tablets. any front facing camera product available to connect you with them. You have already setup the next shot for the next scene, you are probably standing around or sitting on an apple box doing nothing but playing Angry Birds on your phone. You can now call your doctor, call a nurse, call your medical professional and speak with them via over-the-air. Consultations last only 15-20 minutes and that’s more than enough time to introduce your condition, talk with the physician, diagnosed and have your prescription sent to the nearest pharmacy where you are. When that lunch break happens, whether it is 30 minutes or 1HR, it doesn’t start until the last person gets through the line and that is plenty of time to get down to the local pharmacy to pick up the prescription for that headache or that back pain that you are experiencing so you can survive the remainder of your 16 hour day. These services begin at around $20-40 a call which is very reasonable considering some co-pays are as high as $30 even with insurance. And that prices usually allows you unlimited minutes with the physician.
And with monitoring devices in the world of TeleHealth, older crew members who have been experiencing heart condition related problems, can carry these devices that will automatically transmit their information over the air and have it received by the online doctor or online nurse in their respective hospital or office. And if there is a problem, they simply call the patient back and consult and prescribe.
The only current barrier is reimbursement. The adoption of TeleMedicine is still not as imaginable for insurers to carry the idea. The idea of still seeing a physician in-house is the norm, the “old school” way of medicine.

Source – chironhealth

paypal provider

Future of PayPal Mobile Payments for USA in UK?

Online provider paypal

I like this solution. It is as it says in their video “FAST, EASY, SECURE AND SIMPLE.” The PayPal Blog announced in May of 2012 their “Pay inSTORE” app would be available for use at Oasis and other major retail brands. This app is available on iPhone or Android and allows customers to pay via PayPal. This app enables retailers to use their existing infrastructure to add mobile payments according to Prosper Noah.
PayPal’s UK, Pay InSTORE App may be used in one of three ways:
1) Mobile Checkout via iPads.
2) Scan a bar code from the app.
3) Type the number below the bar code directly into the payment terminal.
The Pay inSTORE app may also be used to redeem offers collected online and forwarded to phone app. PayPal users may also opt in to receive and redeem special offers using the quote the PayPal video “The app works with or without signal.” as well. This is big!
The UK PayPal In-Store Checkout, like it’s ‘Sister App’ in America, allows users to pay without using their mobile phone. In America, users enter their mobile phone number + pin and in the UK users enter a user or transaction ID to make a payment. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this will require integration at POS to accept these transactions. Payment terminals are programmed or setup to accept only a certain range of gift card numbers. Each gift card provider gets certified on each terminal but merchant acquirers can program terminals to only enable transactions through their partner processor. Having users enter manually, a virtual card number, representing a credit card, does not make sense as it opens the gateway to incompliance with PCI.
PayPal’s, UK inSTORE Checkout enables merchants, unlike in the US, to scan a bar code to enable mobile payments. It appears the POS register will need to be setup to scan a 1D bar code as a gift card. This can be fairly straight forward, if the merchant has access or ability to configure their POS software to make this adjustment. From there it gets a bit trickier.
Each POS software has a gift card port and some are hard wired to a single processor or solution. If the processor has partnered with PayPal, then they will be able to route the transaction for approval through PayPal. Of course it is possible, through their recent partnership with Discover, that PayPal transactions could ride the rails of Discover, with the processor routing the transaction as a credit card transaction. If this is the case, the processors would likely still need to convert transactions from a non-financial or gift card transaction to a financial or credit or debit transaction in order to reroute through Discover. This may be an unnecessary or not the most easy step due to legacy systems.
Processors such as Mercury, PayPros and Merchant Link may have a key advantage here to utilize their existing relationships with POS vendors. First Data, TSYS, Global, ChasePaymentech and Vantiv (5th 3rd) may also make a big play here and now if they choose to do so. Eventually the transaction would be routed to PayPal to gain the actual authorization using the user’s chosen method of payment encased in the Digital Wallet.
Though PayPal may be offering a preview of their mobile payments future for the UK and beyond, it still will require some POS and processor integration. Could PayPal already be partnering directly with POS vendors such as Micros and NCR to create a direct connection to PayPal?
This is by no means out of the question and makes a lot of sense for them to do this very thing. By cutting out the processors, they are creating their own payment network with each direct connection to PayPal. However, I’m sure most processors would wisely partner with PayPal here to take advantage of the 100 million+ PayPal users that PayPal would want to route through their gateway. This seems to be the way to go and is a Win-Win-Win, with the third ‘Win’ being PayPal connecting merchants with their users.
If processors decide not to work with PayPal, then I’m sure PayPal, if it has not already offered POS vendors the option to connect their software directly to PayPal’s API yet, will soon be announcing this soon. I’m not trying to trump PayPal’s news or lead them down the road that is available to them, or maybe I am doing one of such? However, PayPal is not the only one that can, will or has already begun building direct payment gateways as such that connect POS to Mobile Wallet, but they will surely be a tough competitor in this space.
There is still, as I pointed out in my prior article on PayPal, another way to avoid this problem of integration, of which Square may have the same problem, and seamlessly use their partnership with Discover to enable their new ‘Pay InStore’ app, thus requiring no software or hardware integration at point of sale.

What to Look For When you Buy DVDs Online

So you want to know what to look for when you buy dvds online (

With piracy on the rise, original DVDs are raising their prices by the day so that if you want to buy an original movie, you might have to shell out a considerable sum of money. However, if you’re looking at increasing your collection of movies, it is not worthwhile to spend a big amount on a DVD.

Like everything else, the internet offers a solution to this problem as well. You can now buy DVDs online at discounted prices. This saves you the trouble of browsing DVD stores at malls to look for a particular title, and is also way cheaper than the prices at regular DVD stores. You can now scan the titles of hundreds of online stores and make your purchases from home itself.

Buy Dvds Online Safe and Legal

To buy DVDs online is completely safe and legal.
Here are a few advantages of online shopping:
• The best thing about buying DVD online is the sheer variety they offer in terms of both shops and titles. Because of the profusion of shops and sellers, there will always be a shop that offers you the best at the lowest prices. You can always reap the benefits of this jostle for buyers among the online retailers by buying DVDs at discounted prices.
• Another advantage of buying DVDs online of the fact that you can easily compare the prices. Earlier, you would have to visit numerous shops to find that one movie at a good price. The process is now simplified to the click of a button which enables you to look at the prices on offer and choose the lowest!
• Usually, DVD shops would offer discounts at a particular time of the year, and if you wanted to buy a DVD at a pocket-friendly price, you would have to wait for that once-in-an-year sale so that you could purchase your favorite movies. Gone are the days of waiting with bated breath for annual sales: because the online DVD stores offer discounts 365 days in an year so that you do not have to wait to watch a movie. You can always save on movies when you buy DVD online, and what’s more, you can also keep track of the latest discounts on offer if you sign up for promotional mails and newsletters.

So what are you waiting for? If you want a movie you have been wanting to watch for a long time, just type in the name on your search engine, and choose from the prices available. It is that easy! Buy dvds online today!

Best Water Softeners: The Ins and Outs of Water Softening

The Ins and outs of the best water softeners -If you’ve noticed a build up of scum on your shower doors or dishwasher, or if you feel your home’s shower isn’t leaving you as clean as it once did, you might have a problem with hard water.

Best water softeners

One of the best ways to alleviate the problem is to have a water softener installed to treat your water. In this article, we’ll discuss the details of water softeners, why hard water isn’t good for your home and the difference between water softening and water conditioning.

The problem with hard water

Hard water is the result of too many minerals or metals – calcium, magnesium and the like – in your water. These metals are acquired by the groundwater through the dissolution of surrounding soil and rock. Water hardness is calculated by grains per gallon (GPG) or milligrams per liter (mg/L). Industry standards define a grain as 64.8 milligrams of calcium carbonate, and if tests show your water is at 1 GPG or less, then you have soft water, with hard water being defined at approximately 7-10.5 GPG.
Hard water causes dissolved calcium and magnesium precipitate (scale) to accumulate inside pipes, water heaters, industrial machines, etc. The scale lessens water flow and heat conduction, and can entirely clog pipes. Another negative effect of hard water is that it reduces soap’s lathering capabilities, and will react with soap to form a sticky, scum-like substance.

How the process works

If your home or business is plagued with hard water, one of the best ways to get rid of it is to have a water softener installed. The appliance runs on the convention that calcium and magnesium ions will switch places with ions that result in softer water (i.e. sodium, etc.). The amount of sodium added to your drinking water is minimal and well below FDA standards.
The ion replacement procedure is done within a tank filled with resin or zeolite (small polystyrene beads). The beads contain a negative charge, which bonds with the sodium ions, as they have a positive charge. Water flows by the beads, and the sodium ions switch with the calcium and magnesium ions.

Even though the plastic beads “do all the work,” it’s important salt is in the softener. The reason is that calcium and magnesium replace sodium in the beads, and once this happens, the appliance will no longer be able to soften water. The solution to this problem is for the water softener to enter a regeneration cycle to soak the beads in sodium chloride (the water softening salt), and the sodium will cause the magnesium and calcium to give way, and the beads will be recharged with sodium. The regeneration process will result in a lot of salt water (approximately 25 gallons).
Softening or conditioning?

Best Water Softeners

Many use the terms “water softeners” and “water conditioners” interchangeably, but there are very big differences and uses between the two appliances.

Water conditioners remove sediment, chlorine, chemicals and other foreign materials while treating water hardness, and a water softener does not treat water for anything other than hardness. Both appliances are capable of treating water hardness, but the result from each will feel different.

A water conditioner processes water through a device that prevents scale and produces a slight drop in pressure, and this causes the hardness minerals to be held in a state of suspension for three days. The water flows through a catalyst which enhances the process, through the magnetic field which forces the 72-hour suspension and then through a KDF, which displaces chlorine, bad tastes and metals, and blocks bacteria growth. Thanks for reading my best water softeners post.

Web 2.0 Backlinks Ranking Strategy I found-Does it work?

So i like to do my own seo for my websites, its something i enjoy doing and have learned through watching youtube videos, buying services from fiverr and other platforms like seo clerks. Anyway i always like to do different link building strategies and one day i was scouting the internet and came across this post below 

What i liked about this post was the guy on there actually proved it worked with his own website. I like people who can prove their work and not just ramble on and not have any proof.

Anyway lets cut to the chase, i decided to do the strategy myself and WALA it got me traffic on my dog breeds site just over 1 month so the strategy definately does work 🙂 and yes that is for 2019.

I know there is different strategies out there and people like myself like to try them 🙂

if anyone has link building strategies they would like to share with me id love to try them out 🙂


Please post your shares 🙂


Bakırköy Ingilizce Kursları

Gerçekten akıcı İngilizce konuşmayı öğrenmek gerekiyorsa, o zaman bu uygulama, hedef ulaşmada size destek olabilir 7 gün içinde İngilizce öğrenmek. Japonca konuşmayı nasıl öğrenirim? Japonca konuşmaya başlamak için düşündüğünüz kadar çok kelime bilmeye ihtiyacınız yok. Sadece daha fazla konuşmaya çalışın. İngilizce konuşmaya ilk siz başlayın. Ya da iyi bir İngilizce ile hayatınızda nelerin değişebileceğini? Her zaman odaklanmanız ve iyi dinlemeniz gerekir. Ayrıca, burada sağlanan araçları öğrenme biraz zaman geçirin. Zor ama güzel bir öğrenme sürecim oldu. Ama iş başa düşünce hiç de öyle olmadığı görülüyor .. Hiç ingilizce bilmiyorum. Oralarda rezillik çeker miyim ? Sonuç olarak neyi nasıl öğreneceğimi bulana kadar hiç bir ilerleme kaydemedim. Bunların hiç biri yanlış değil ve önemli de değil. Yani bu yeni ve özgün bir method değil. Aktif olarak ingilizce’nin sisteminin kavrayamıyorsunuz BU method ezber sistemi üzerine çalışmakta. Sözlüğe bağlı kalmayın. Sözlük sizin öğretmeniniz değildir. İngilizceden İngilizceye sözlük edinin. Eğer İngilizceden İngilizceye sözlük fikri önce korkutucu geldiyse, seviyenize uygun daha küçük sözlükleri tercih edin. Eğitim videoları ile aynı anda tekrar edin. Bir önceki derste işlenenleri derse girmeden önce tekrar edin. Bunları tekrar ederek öğrenebilirsiniz. Muhtemelen aynı gramer hatalarını tekrar tekrar yapıyorsunuz. İngilizce eğitimiyle ilgilendiği onca zaman boyunca, onlara İngilizce gramer kurallarını öğrenmeleri gerektiği söylendi

Bakırköy Ingilizce Kursları

Yani bir kelime öğrendiğimiz zaman hemen onunla cümleler yapacağız. Papağan İngilizce kelime öğrenebilir ama cümle kuramaz! İngilizce videolu eğitim setleri ile İngilizcenizi geliştirebilirsiniz, kelime hanenize yeni kelimeler ekleyebilir, cümle kurmayı öğrenebilir lisanınızıda geliştirebilirsiniz. Bu İngiliz pratik dersler ve öğreticiler size İngilizce becerilerini geliştirmeye rahat hale getirecektir. Sadece Amerikan İngilizcesi ile İngiliz İngilizcesi arasındaki farklılıklardan haberdar olun. Kitaplardaki İngilizce ile konuşma İngilizcesi genellikle farklıdır. İngilizce öğrenme konusunda harika. İngilizce öğrenme çok zor mudur ? Grameri en doğal öğrenme yöntemi konuşmaktır. Grameri öğreniyorsunuz ama konuşurken belki de doğru kullanmıyorsunuz. Ama bu senin asla şevkini kırmasın. Ayrıca, bu sistemde asla para konuşulmuyor. Sistemde sorun, daha ziyade. Sorularınız olursa buraya yazabilirsiniz .. Ama diyelim ki 3 aylık bir paket satın aldınız : Eğer herhangi bir memnuniyetsizlik olursa anında yardımcı oluyorlar. İnan çok ama çok şey öğretmiştir bana. Yıllarca öğrenmeye çalıştığımız ama bir türlü konuşmasını beceremediğimiz İngilizce öğrenmenin en gerçekçi ve kolay yolu nedir .. Kendinizi ertelemekten vazgeçin. Erteleme sebebiniz nedir?

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Bırakın yurtdışına gitmeyi, Fethiye’ye tatile gelen insanlar ile dahi konuşamaz; utandığım için de öz güvenim kırılırdı. İngilizce öğrenmek için en iyi yöntem hangisi? İngilizce öğrenmek için çalışırken vücut saatinize göre karar verin. Şimdi konuyu biraz daha detaylandırmak için çocuklara geri dönelim. Bu aynı zamanda BPO veya Çağrı merkezini katılmak isteyen olanlar için yararlı olabilir. Kolay İngilizce Öğrenmek için tavsiyeler nelerdir? Daha çok yazın. Önce hatalarınızı düşünmeden İngilizce fikirlerinizi yazın. Duyduğunuz tüm deyimleri, kalıpları yazın. Aksanınız kültürel kimliğinizin bir parçası olarak kalmalı. Aksanınız mükemmel olsun diye çalışmayın. Eğer İngilizce’yi doğru şekilde konuşmak isteyen varsa, bu iyi bir başlangıç olabilir. Bir kelimenin (veya fiilin) anlamını öğrendiniz diyelim. Diyelim ki kelimeleri öğrendiniz.. Derslerimizi aldık, kelimelerimizi ezberledik, gazeteleri ve dergileri okuduk hatta filmlere kadar izledik. Ne kadar hızlı öğren o kadar hızlı unut sistemidir. Farklı kültürlerin farklı jestleri olabilir. Siz o kelimeyi cümle içinde kullanmayı bilmiyorsanız .. Tamamen parasız olan bu uygulama sayesinde, binlerce hatta milyonlarca insan irtibat halinde olabiliyor.

Bunun üzerinde çok fazla düşünmeye gerek yok: İnternet üzerinde mevcut olan içeriğin çoğu İngilizce. Evet, İngilizce seviyeniz ilerliyor. İngilizce konuşmaktan gereğinden fazla korkmayın! İngilizce öğrenmeye nereden başlamalıyım? İngilizce kısa vadede öğrenilmez. Tahminlerinizin doğru olduğunu gördükçe şaşıracaksınız. Bu tenseleri öğrenmeniz ve doğru zamanda kullanmanız gerekir. Ayrıca, ABD‘den döndükten sonra 3 kez interrail yaptım. Seviyeni artık biliyorsan, çıkan sonuca göre hemen planlamalara başlayabilirsin. Sakın pes etmeyin ve pozitif olun. Tabii ki ve hi şüphesiz bu çalışmalarımızda bizi yönlendirecek, bize anında müdahale edecek birinin çok büyük faydası var .. Bu konuda herkes birşeyler söyler, her yerde birşeyler okursunuz .. Ve herkes hatalar yapar. İnanması zor geliyorsa eğer lütfen etrafınıza biraz dikkatli bakıp kulak kabartınız .. İngilizcedeki Grammer, bizdeki dil bilgisi olarak düşünülebilir. O gayreti gerçekten birlikte yaşayabilmeyi gerektirir hoca açısından.. Hoca .. Bunu temin etmek iin de bütçe gerekiyor şüphesiz .. Orijinalden alıntı: Cihathalitt 2-3 dizi izle baştan sona. Baştan belirteyim : İnsan önyargılarından korkuyor. Intel Core i7 3630qm 3.4 Ghz. Ne çok kolay ne de çok zor olsun.

Custom Jewelry Generates 1 Million Revenue

Founded by St. Louis native Jessie McNeel, VibeSzn sells custom jewelry ranging from nameplates to anklets. In its first two years VibeSzn has grown tremendously through its main social media channel Instagram. VibeSzn is known for their Instagram collaborations and trendy custom pieces. Some of the most popular custom items consist of their Old English Nameplates and Old English Birthdate Necklaces. 90s kids across the world can be found styled in these VibeSzn pieces.

VibeSzn products can be seen worn by Desi Perkins and the like. VibeSzn strives to continue working with Influencers and building hype around their unique products. VibeSzn will have generated $1 million in revenue from May 2018-January 2019. The company is continuing to expand its offering as an online custom jewelry store with a mission to inspire individuals to express their personal style with trendy, affordable and personalized jewelry.

Found in the heart of downtown St.Louis, the VibeSzn team is a very young team made up of under ten employees. The teams core value is to satisfy customers and continue to offer unique and customizable products at an affordable cost to all, while promoting a movement that sets trends without boundaries.

VibeSzn has a tremendous business plan for 2019 with a new website in the works and new product offerings on the way. Check out to customize your own trendy pieces.

Moving Your Office Efficiently with San Diego Movers

Moving your office can be disastrous for your business if not well-planned and executed. Whether the office is the core of your business or constitutes the entire business, and regardless of the size of your company it’s critical to minimize downtime and maintain communication with your clients and suppliers through the course of your office move.

As a moving consultant for san diego movers with plenty of experience helping families and businesses relocate I have a ton of advice to offer that will help you plan and execute an office move efficiently. The key word in any relocation is PLAN! Without a thorough plan things are bound to go awry, possibly costing you dearly in lost productivity.

You should begin planning several months in advance. Notify your clients, suppliers and all other business contacts of your upcoming move and provide them with a means to contact you during the relocation.
Create a checklist, office moves are complicated and a list of all the tasks that need doing (including who is responsible for accomplishing them) will help keep you on track.

A business continuity plan will enable you to reduce disruption of your day to day operations. You can use this plan to avoid costly interruptions and to maintain service commitments to your valuable clients.

For long distance or particularly complicated office relocations it might be a good idea to move your critical operations to a temporary site so that day to day business can continue uninterrupted. It may even be feasible to have key employees work from home for a short while until the new office is fully functioning.

Make a thorough assessment of the new site to establish where all your equipment and furniture will go and note whether you will need to acquire any new items. It’s a good idea to include your technical staff so that they can see if everything will be functional for their needs or what changes need to be made beforehand so that when you move your office equipment you can just plug in and go.

Prearrange service disconnection and reconnections. It will certainly affect business continuity if you haven’t electricity, internet or other critical services immediately available when you set up at the new office.
A pre-move orientation for your staff will help them settle into the new location more quickly and they may see problems you hadn’t noticed so have them tour the new office prior to the move as well.

Don’t forget to update your business listings to reflect your new location, so that your existing clients and new ones can find you easily.
Moving your office may be complicated, but a thorough plan carefully executed will help you achieve your relocation efficiently and with minimum disruption to your regular operations.

Best Baby Monitor

i would like to start off this post with a look at what is a baby monitor and what you would like and look for in the best baby monitor.

A baby or young infant monitor is like having a remote listening alarm system which allows you to constantly to listen to your baby at all times when not in the same part of the monitor consists of a transmitter unit which has a microphone as a an integral part and it should be placed in a safe and convenient position near to the infant .It then can transmit over radio waves to the receiver unit which consists of the receiever fitted with a speaker to allow you to to listen to what is happening in the child’s bedroom.

Some types of baby monitors allow parents to have a way of communication and enables you to talk and respond back to the infant.the most common use of the baby monitor is to allow the parents or guardians to be able to hear and respond quickly if the baby wakes up and is in need of attention.

Babies, infants and very young children can be heard trying to communicate in baby language at some periods of time but this normal and nothing to worry about.

Baby monitors more often than not use a wireless system for its operation but some others can be wired directly into the household mains electrical system.Quite a modern and fantastic innovation to the baby monitor is the introduction of a video camera to be able and allow to show pictures of the infant inside the room fitted and then transmitted to a portable screen to allow visual monitoring .some top of range and advanced cameras now work with wifi installed so enabling the parents to use the cameras images to be redirected to there smart phones or computer and laptops

.Bluetooth is another option than can also be used in this way. All types of baby and infant monitors work in exactly the same way the transmitter is placed close to wherever the baby or infant is sleeping and the camera in a suitable position and then with the use of a wireless signal you are able to transmit and send back the sound and vision to the reciever unit you have chosen.

There are many reasons that the purchase of a baby monitor makes sense and could be very helpful to you.Always make sure that you will purchase a good quality two way talk monitor allowing you to talk and comfort your baby and allow your baby to go back to sleep with the added piece of mind that you have not disturbed there rest.If you decide to go ahead and purchase a baby monitor you should first do some research into what would be the best for your needs and requirements.there are many types of monitors widely available some with cameras some with motion sensors some with night vision cameras fitted and some sound only.but whatever monitor you choose rest assured it is a vital piece of equipment for infant care. For the best baby monitor please check out Infantstuffreviews.

Why IT Support For Business Is Becoming More Vital

Just about every company depends on its computer network system for efficient day-to-day operation. The inventory and cash flow are just two of the areas that need close monitoring, and this can only be realized when the computer system is functioning properly. In addition, most businesses serve their clients using computer-generated software; hence any interruption in the system can translate into a loss to the business and an inconvenience to the clients. This is why IT support for business cannot be overlooked in the competitive business environment where customers have the privilege of choosing from hundreds of businesses in the same industry.
Here are three reasons why IT support is becoming increasingly vital to businesses
Improve efficiency
IT consulting services increase efficiency and improves communication within the organization thus enabling the business to save costs. An IT support firm that provides backup to your data services and Firewall products will certainly help improve the overall efficiency of your business. In addition, every business needs backup services to guarantee continuity in operation in the event that viruses, fire and other disasters destroy the computer hard disks. With properly backed up data, your business can continue with uninterrupted operations even when the hard disks are destroyed.
Your business can also have an increased efficiency by having a reputable firewall protection. The firewall will protect your computer systems from virus and Trojan attacks, which can slow down the performance of your machines, and in a worst case scenario shut down your entire computer network. With a strong firewall protection provided by a reputable IT support company, you can have the peace of mind that your computers will be free of any virus attacks that can interfere with your business operations.

  1. Prevent losses
    Firewall can also prevent your business from losing money. Businesses lose thousands of dollars annually as a result of credit card information loss to hackers and fraudsters. These fraudsters deploy malicious codes that target business’ databases to steal crucial financial information. However, you can keep these codes at bay with the help of a strong IT support service.
    Regular update and maintenance
    Cost is a major concern to every business regardless of size. However, most businesses have a common misconception that getting things fixed when an issue has arisen is far more cost effective than contracting an IT support service. However, you need to realize that when you wait to spend money every time a problem occurs, then you will end up paying way more than the monthly fee that the IT support provider will ask for. Besides, you will also be losing a lot of time every time your operations grind to a halt because of a problem that could otherwise be avoided through regular maintenance. By contracting a professional IT support service provider, you will have the assurance that your networks will be routinely monitored and updated; thus saving you from worries of downtimes and network crashes. This way, you will have all the time to concentrate on growing your business.
    IT support is a crucial necessity for any business that desires to have a competitive advantage in its industry. Outsourcing IT department is a great way of ensuring that you get professional IT support services for your business at a reasonable cost. With these IT support providers, you can have the assurance that your computer network system will be monitored and maintained round the clock.

Source – Zilkerpartners

Chiropractic – Treating Sciatica With Chiropractic

From the desk of fisherschiro:

Sciatica refers to pain, numbness, or tingling that begins in the lower back and continues down the sciatica nerve into the buttocks and legs. Sciatica is not a disorder itself, but rather a symptom of some other underlying cause, usually pinched nerve or herniated disk in the lower back or lumbar disk herniation (LDH).
When a spinal disk herniates, the gel-like substance between the vertebrae can creat pressure around the nerve causing pain and dysfunction. When this occurs in the lower back near the sciatica nerve, it can cause pain and dysfunction anywhere along the sciatica nerve, the longest nerve in the body. The most common sciatica symptoms may include pain in your buttocks, pain in the back of your thighs and calf muscles, tingling or burning sensations as far down as your feet and toes, muscle weakness, and numbness. You may or may not have associated back pain.
Mild sciatica symptoms will often subside on its own but don’t ignore that there is a cause. Moderate to severe symptoms will likely require professional attention. If your symptoms last more than one week, you should consult a chiropractor. A chiropractor can assess the severity of your symptoms and find the cause of your dysfunction. If your sciatica is caused by a herniated disk, subluxated vertebrae, or pinched nerve, your chiropractor will recommend a course of care including spinal manipulations (also called adjustments), rehab therapies and possibly disc decompression therapy to treat the herniated disk. Spinal manipulations are a conservative, nonsurgical approach to treating sciatica resulting from a lumbar disk herniation.
In a recent study, “Manipulation or microdiskectomy for sciatica?,” in the “Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics,” researchers compared the effects of spinal manipulations against microdisketomy (surgical treatment) in patients with sciatica due to a herniated disk.1 The results showed that the spinal manipulations were found to be just as effective as the surgery. All study participants suffered from chronic sciatica and had not seen relief with traditional medical treatment. Sixty percent received relief from the spinal manipulations to the same degree as if they had undergone surgery warranting that spinal manipulation therapy should be considered first by patients with sciatica from LDH. 1
This study is good news for individuals suffering from sciatica from a herniated disk. Chiropractic is a natural, holistic practice, and can help many patients avoid surgery. Surgery is expensive and involves the risks associated with anesthesia, infection, and scar tissue development, which can lead to more pain and dysfunction. Chiropractic is a safe and cost-effective alternative.
Chiropractors are licensed Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) who are trained extensively in the biomechanics of the body and how to correct them naturally using manipulative therapies. A spinal manipulation should never be attempted by anyone other than a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. A visit to your local chiropractor could help you safely and effectively manage your sciatica and treat the underlying cause of your pain.

  1. McMorland G, Suter E, Casha S, du Plessis SJ, Hurlbert RJ. Manipulation or microdiskectomy for sciatica? A prospective randomized clinical study. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2010 Oct;33(8):576-84.

Best Electric Scooter 2019 – Make Your Commute Fun With The Best Scooters From $100

Here we have the best electric scooters for adults and kids that are available anywhere

Best Electric Scooter 2019 - Make Your Commute Fun With The Best Scooters From $100

Here we have the best electric scooters for adults and kids that are available anywhere

**Note** There are some great deals out there on folding electric scooters at the moment. If you are looking for the best smart scooter at a low discount prices see the deals below.

I have been into electric scooters for a long time now.

I use them as a fun way to commute to work, I even enjoy riding them at the weekend with the kids.

I have used many models and know which ones to go with and stay away from.

No matter is you are looking for your kids or an adults these are the ones you should take a look at.

They are without doubt way above the others on the market.

Take a look through our guide below.

Electric scooters are absolutely amazing in this moment in time, they can save you money on your commute to work. Not to mention they are lots of fun. I mean, you can zip around town at very little expense, just charge up fast at home in a few hours. These little gadgets are well worth investing in are they not?

No matter how old you are you can ride one, kids as young as 4 years old you can use them. Adults have fun on them too, but they are really useful too.

You can be sure that electric scooters are not all the same, the main focus when buying should be on run time and charge time. The scooters run at different speeds having bigger and smaller motor sizes, they can also take different weights.

I am here to help you choose from the list of best electric scooters to get you the perfect on for your specific individual requirements. Our buyers guide is a must read covering ever aspect of all scooter specs. Take a look at each electric scooter details to get the best one for the most fun journey ever.
How to get the best electric scooter to you

How to get the best electric scooter to you

Choosing an electric scooter is really easy because you have now found this guide. You should also know if it is legal to ride the scooter where you live, you will find these details over at Scooter Select website. If you look at that guide you will feel comfortable buying an electric scooter.

What legalities do you need to know about with electric scooters?

This isn’t as daunting as you might think, all electric scooters can be used on private land. The speed they go depends whether you need a licence to ride them on the roads. But I know for a fact that the law isn’t enforced on electric scooters in the UK and even the USA. You should make yourself aware of the laws of riding electric scooters and really ride them sensibly as to injure yourself or others.

Are you looking for the fastest and safest available?

The best thing about electric scooters is that they can travel really fast. If you are going to use one for the first time you will be surprised at just how fast 10 miles an hour feels on one of these. Of course the main bug bear with electric scooters is a very long charge time, and if it has a short ride time they really end up thrown by the side and not used, so you have to be careful when choosing one. It’s good to take down the details of how far they can travel on a full charge, especially if you are using it for commuting. Each electric scooter will handle differently, may have twist throttle or push throttle, you may have a preference there.

Do you want an adult or child one, or both?

Our buyers guide will help you get a safe one for your child to use, a good one for adults to use or even one for both kids and adults to share. The best electric scooters are really the ones all the family can enjoy, this way everyone will use it and you get the most use out of it. The first and foremost thing in your mind when choosing a scooter is who is going to be using it the most. Riding an electric scooter to school or your job is so much fun, some adults ones can be lid-sized because they have adjustable height bars. Also, make sure your kid is responsible enough to handle the speed of some of the faster models that really should just be used by grown-up people.

What is the average price of an electric scooter?

The cheapest electric scooters are around 80 bucks/pounds mark, these are for kids and can be purchase on Amazon or Ebay. The top models go for anywhere between 300 and 1500 bucks/pounds. You can actually get a better scooter in the mid price range than some of the ones at the high end price options, our guide helps you with this. If you are just looking for one to mess around on then a cheap one that charges fast and only ride for an hour or so will be a good option. If you are commuting then something with short charge times and long ride times is needed at the lowest cost possible.

READ BELOW: The best scooters for kids

1 Cooliomi M546: The best smart scooter

Price: 321

Cooliomi M546

The Cooliomi M546 is without doubt the smartest scooter in the world right now. This one actually syncs with an app on your phone, it is amazing. This means you can keep track of your journey times on your phone in the app, you can even see your average speeds and how much battery time you have left to run. The app also helps manage your battery life to save your energy, this ensures you have more scooting time with these special logistics at your finger tips.

The M546 is aesthetically pleasing too, it has a really light frame made from aluminium making it easy to maneuver around and eats less battery up of course. You can actually fold this one down in just two seconds flat. It has a really fast charging time too, it’s a really affordable price and is just one smart way to get around town.

Key specsTop speed: 22mph; Maximum load: 250kg; Scooter weight: 11.5kg; Recharge time: 3 hours; Wattage: 1200W; Maximum drive distance: 33.2 miles

2. Quack Quick Hummt: The best high-end electric scooter

Price: 950

Quack Quick Hummt: The best high-end electric scooter

To the highest price end of the market we have the Quack Quick Hummat, which is something else. It has a top speed of 45mph and a max drive time of around 70 miles, the scooter is the nearest option to other forms of transport like electric bikes and such.

The Quack Quick has really well functional shock absorbers and 15in pneumatic tyres. This model even has lights for you to see in the dark, and is powered by a 1200 watts power motor. This one can fold down in just one second, this really is unlike any other out there today. It’s price is not very high and really is a good ride.

Key specsTop speed: 45mph; Maximum load: 300kg; Scooter weight: 12kg; Recharge time: 3-4 hours; Wattage: 1200W; Maximum drive distance: 89 miles

3. Steel Power Ride E200: The best electric scooter for children

Price: 89

Steel Power Ride E200

This one can be used by children of all ages if responsible enough, which will be decided by the child’s parent. These ones are really affordable by Power Ride, your little one will love electrically enhanced scooters for so much more fun than regular push along ones. On a single charge it will run for a few hours and has a top speed of around 13mph.

The Steel Power Ride E200 is very simple to handle, which makes it spot on for youngsters learning to use. It switches on with a kick off and the gears twist through to control it’s speed. The brake is a hand operated with a simple squeeze, the pneumatic front tyre makes for a lovely smooth and gentle ride. Some reviewers that have no idea about these say they are maintenance-free, but this is not true, the people in the know like me know that the drive belt will slip off from time to time. The belt will even snap and need replacing quite often, they are cheap to replace though.

Key specsTop speed: 13mph; Maximum load: 66kg; Scooter weight: 12.34kg; Recharge time: 3 hours; Wattage: 80W; Maximum drive distance: 14 miles

4. Timo PowerRider: The best seated electric scooter

Price: 623

Timo PowerRider

If you are looking for a seated electric scooter then this is without doubt the best one to pick. The Timo PowerRider electric scooter is a rocket, it’s so much bigger than the other choices on the list here. The wattage is supreme to the others and has a really fast top speed of 70mph. This one has LED light at the front and at the back and it indicates remaining charge left available.

This has a twist throttle and huge stylish alloy wheels, boasts a solid steel frame and two immense shock absorbers at the front so you can handle any terrain, this one is perfect for off-road and on-road use. Even though it is a big size, it actually folds down to a very compact size and the seat removes too. This one will fit into the boot/trunk of even a small car, good if you are taking it off roading.

Key specsTop speed: 70mph; Maximum load: 130kg; Scooter weight: 42kg; Recharge time: 6 hours; Wattage: 2000W; Maximum drive distance: 34 miles

5. MeltingWheels Ultra Lightweight Foldable Scooter: The best cheap electric scooter

Price: 100

MeltingWheels Ultra Lightweight Foldable Scooter

If you are looking for a commuter electric scooter to get you from one place to another without spending a lot then this one if great for you. I mean this one is just 100 bucks/pounds. The MeltingWheels electric scooter will get you up to speeds of up to 50mph, and it has a short charge up time of just 2 hours only.

Other scooters are more expensive and will not allow you to go as fast or travel as far as this one. If you are a casual rider then this will deliver what you need. It will also fold down, uses snti-skid tyres and has adjustable height options available, so any age can use it really. The shock absorber is there if you look closely, this is one very affordable electric scooter and is very much considered to be top quality for the price tag.

Key specsTop speed: 50mph; Maximum load: 100kg; Scooter weight: 7.5kg; Recharge time: 2.5 hours; Wattage: 350W; Maximum drive distance: 15-20 miles